We are holding in-person worship services and most small group gatherings with the adoption of recommended safety measures in cooperation with state-wide efforts to halt the spread of COVID-19.
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Our Mission and Vision


The mission and vision of the body of believers at Whipple Heights is...

To help every man, woman, and child embrace the grace of God in Jesus and extend that grace to their world.

While this is our mission, our hope and vision for the fulfillment of that mission includes every effort to expose the marvelous mystery of the Gospel to a lost and dying world!
A new challenge to meet the mission and vision of Whipple Heights lays before us in 2012. Did you know that the 2010 census suggests that there are more than 375,000 people that call Stark County their home? By the most conservative estimate 250,000 of those residents are unchurched and likely not followers of Jesus Christ.
In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells his disciples that "the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore to send workers out into His harvest field." (Luke 10:2)





Our Strategy


In Worship

We gather to Exalt Jesus


In Small Groups

We group to embrace together. These groupings include our Sunday morning classes, Bible studies, prayer groups and ministry groupings that occur throughout the week in a variety of locations and times. New to our groupings this year will be a new movement of 'Zip Groups' - groups of Christ followers meant to reach into every school district in Stark County.

In Outreach

We go to extend God's Grace to others.